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Regular monitoring of system operation can prevent malfunctions of air handling units and system downtime due to component failures. Evaluation and analysis of performance and runtime of components can identify abnormal operation that potentially leads to failure well in advance. Two major HVAC equipment suppliers, SIEMENS and ebm-papst, join forces to offer fan analytics, helping to deliver your fans’ optimum performance.

How it works


The ebm-papst Computation Cloud receives a constant stream of fan-data from the Siemens Climatix IC cloud and due to the hyper-scalable architecture, it can apply real-time analytics on the data stream to derive information such as:


Commercial - Computation Cloud


Why epCloud?

» Cloud connected components provide an almost limitless stream of useful data which can provide real-time feedback about component operation, component condition and potential component failure «

Brendan Dow

Sales Director of ebm-papst neo

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