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Computation Cloud cooperation with SIEMENS

The two major HVAC equipment suppliers, SIEMENS and ebm-papst, join forces to offer fan analytics, helping to deliver the fan’s at optimum performance.


» Cloud connected components provide an almost limitless stream of useful data which can provide real-time feedback about component operation, component condition and potential component failure « 

Brendan Dow 
Sales Director of ebm-papst neo

Regular monitoring of the system operation, which is a key element of so-called predictive maintenance, can prevent malfunctions of the air handling unit and system downtime due to component failures. Evaluation and analysis of recorded performance and running time of components can indicate abnormal functioning that potentially leads to failure well in advance. Access to data, ideally remote e.g., via cloud, is fundamental to implement predictive maintenance. To this end, communication between the control system and internal components of the air handling units, such as damper and valve actuators, sensors, fans, and drives is essential. This communicative protocol, most of the time over Modbus, brings a lot of advantages.


» Our latest fan generation can
communicate up to 200
datapoints to the control and
optimism the system. «

Thomas Sauer
CEO of ebm-papst neo




Ebm-papst neo utilizes the internal fan data and combines it with the domain expertise and 60 years of fan experience from ebm-papst to generate new insights and value that help the customers to improve their equipment efficiency, uptime, service and overall value.

This happens with the help of the ebm-papst Computation Cloud.

The ebm-papst Computation Cloud receives a constant stream of fan-data from the Siemens – Climatix IC – cloud and due to the hyper-scalable architecture, it can apply real-time AI and ML algorithms on the data stream to derive information like

  • Vibration Monitoring and Analysis
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Remaining Component Life
  • Efficiency analysis of the fan operation
  • Calculation of the actual operating point of the fan
  • Filter Clogging detection
  • Heat Exchanger Icing detection
  • Optimization of Fan Grid Control strategy


The processed information is then fed back into the Climatix IC and made available for the operator/owner of the AHU.

The ebm-papst Computation Cloud can be used either for an ongoing real-time data processing or as an on-demand service to calculate one set of information when it’s needed.


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Computation Cloud cooperation with SIEMENS

The two major HVAC equipment suppliers, SIEMENS and ebm-papst, join forces to offer fan analytics... ...

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