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Condenser/Chiller monitoring


  • Early anomaly detection
  • Better planning of service operations
  • Increase device efficiency by event-based control
  • Real time information / alerts
  • Avoid unplanned downtime


  • Applications with difficult access (situated on high buildings)
  • Identification of site problems remotely not possible
  • Using the fan in an inefficient duty point
  • High maintenance effort & costs
  • Pollution in the application
  • Energy consumption



  • Intelligate Edge Lite
  • Intelligate LTE
  • Intelligate WiFi
  • Individual dashboards



  • Visualize data (operating hours, temperatures, power consumption…)
  • Automated system notifications
  • Air flow management
  • Determination of current duty point
  • Digital twin for anomalies detection
  • Remote configuration/error handling
  • Vibration sensing
  • Avoidance of resonant frequencies
  • Bearing lifetime calculation

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Condenser/Chiller monitoring

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