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Display Case Management

Most display cases are like big refrigerators with a front window. Alternating occupancy and content cannot be handled efficient by a reactive system.
We lift them up to intelligent proactive assets which uses their energy wisely on demand and predict high frequency times.


  • Benefits
  • Create new business (rent vs. sell)
  • Worldwide access to asset data
  • Certainty about insurance claim liabilities
  • Traceable HACCP* compliance
  • Maintenance on demand
  • Automated payments
  • More information about customer behaviour



*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points


  • Continuity of the Cold-Chain is compromised
  • Energy efficiency – open doors, damaged seals, poorly stacked produce, lighting
  • No real-time remote alerts / alarms to identify potential maintenance problems
  • Manual HACCP Compliance processes and time consuming
  • No information about customer behaviour



  • Intelligate LTE
  • Intelligate WiFi
  • Individual customised dashboard



  • Contract management
  • Fleet location management
  • Automated error detection
  • Automated system notifications
  • Visualisation of operating data
  • Energy monitoring

Our numerous application examples

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