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Residential Ventilation – Monitoring & Control


Heat Exchangers are useful devices to save heating or cooling Energy by conditioning the incoming fresh air with the stale and warm exhaust air.

Often there are several devices in one Building which are working with individual controllers.
Conflicting operating status can occur such as at midday the devices in south wing might be cooling while the north ones are heating the same room.



  • Save on unnecessary maintenance
  • Real time information and control
  • Know and show efficiency
  • Healthy building environment
  • Raise productivity of employees with good IAQ
  • Extend lifetime of your devices
  • Real time interaction between building equipment




  • Inefficient Power Consumption
  • Costly and mostly unnecessaey Maintenance
  • Missing Alerts
  • Unknown efficiency
  • Devices working counterproductivly


  • Asset management platform
  • Connectivity options:
    • Modbus gateway to:
      • WiFi
      • LTE
      • Ethernet
  • IAQ sensor Data
  • Occupancy sensors


  • Remote Configuration
  • Efficiency calculator
  • Use IAQ data to control
  • Automated system notification
  • Filter status monitoring
  • Constant airflow rate
  • Use outdoor IAQ data
  • *Adaptive Adjustment of setpoints (upcoming)
  • *Control of installed actors (upcoming)


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