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Do you want to know if you are breathing perfect air? No?
But you will feel better after you know what you’re really breathing!
We make local IAQ data available in real time on your Mobile Device.



  • Verified air quality (when high quality sensors are used)
  • RESET® certification within one platform
  • Improved satisfaction and wellbeing of occupants
  • Assure healthy indoor environment
  • RESET® Viral Index to overview the risk of infection



  • Following the recent pandemic,  people want to know the quality of the air they are breathing
  • A lack of visbility of IAQ data can increase anxiety as workforces return to Office environments
  • IAQ Compliance is not assured
  • Performance of ventilation systems is invisible
  • When air quality decreases, no one will notice until the first person begins to feel unwell


  • ebm-papst IAQ Connect App available in most app stores
  • Simply scan local QR codes to integrate IAQ sensors


  • Visibility of IAQ provided by a building ventilation system
  • Automated Alerts and Alarms and Notifications
  • Assure IAQ compliance
  • Easy set up – intuitive User Interface
  • Display of RESET Index
  • RESET® Certified Data provider
  • RESET® Viral Index

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