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Stationary Air Filtration Unit

Covid 19 shows the importance of clean and fresh air. SAFU are cleaning air inside a room via filters, sometimes using UV-light.
Most of them only have Manual on / off, sometimes fan speed adjustment – set and forget
We make them intelligent using real and verifiable IAQ data (RESET® standard) with the potential to save energy by demand driven operation.



  • Improved air quality
  • Verified Air quality monitoring for achieving RESET® Project certification
  • Healthy environment for occupants (live data display)
  • Improved building asset value
  • Reduce costs by intelligent filter change and maintenance
  • Improve energy consumption by smart automation
  • Create new business models (e.g. Clean-air-as-a-service)


  • Poor air quality due to high occupancy
  • Only manual/occasional fan-speed adjustment
  • Need to disassemble external hardware to do analysis of internal components
  • Does the SAFU truly clean?
  • Waste of energy by cleaning clean air
  • Scheduled Filter changes are either too early or too late but never at the right time


  • Asset management platform
  • Connectivity options:
  • Modbus gateway to:
    • WiFi
    • LTE
    • Ethernet
  • IAQ, occupancy sensor Data
  • Vibration sensors
  • Energy metering


  • Demand (IAQ data) based air cleaning
  • Remote configuration
  • Filter Status Monitoring
  • Monitoring of all connected components
  • Measure and monitor filter efficiency
  • Calculate clean air rate / air change rate
  • Automated system notifications
  • *Control of installed actors (upcoming)




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